Artful Lawyer show: Transportation

February 7 - May 2, 2018

Visit the Artful Lawyer Gallery for a look at my transportation-themed photographs, newly printed on archival-quality matte paper for amazing color and depth. Along with my photos, you'll see art by local geniuses Michele Walter, Alex Crookshanks, Marie Collier, Zoe Katz and L.S. King.


The 9 images I have in the show are from my series Curious Surfaces and Graphical Statements.

The Artful Lawyer Gallery is open Monday through Thursday from 8:30-5:30 and Friday 8:30-5:00.


iBook: Signs of Dysfunction

Signs of Dysfunction is now an iBook

Visit the iBookstore for your digital copy of Signs of Dysfunction. It's about what blank, redacted or ghost signs reveal about those who put them up, ruined them, or let them decay. This version works great on Apple devices running the iBooks app. It's only $2.99.

You can download your copy at or right here:
Get the Signs of Dysfunction iBook

Book: Underfoot Abstracts

Underfoot Abstracts Book

Underfoot Abstracts is my latest idea-driven series in book form. In 20 pages I conduct an experiment in composition: What happens when you photograph accidental or utilitarian marks that were never meant to be enjoyed for their visual interest?

Photographers make decisions about framing, selection and frame shape with every subject, but how does it work when the subject itself is non-representational?

You can order your copy at or right here:
Get Underfoot Abstracts

Curved Station

Best in Show, In the Style of Link: Juried Exhibition

Three of my photographs were selected by the judges at the O. Winston Link Museum for inclusion in their show and competition, In the Style of Link.

My Post Office Boxes 2 was awarded Best in Show, First Place, by the judges.

Curious Surfaces, a photography book by Kirk Carter Signs of Dysfunction, a photography book by Kirk Carter

O. Winston Link Museum Gift Shop

Both of my books, Signs of Dysfunction and Curious Surfaces, can now be found in the gift shop at the
O. Winston Link Museum of photography in Roanoke.

The O. Winston Link Museum displays hundreds of Link's prints from the days of steam locomotives and work by other accomplished photographers.

Oil Cans

Prints at Volvo Trucks in Dublin

Five prints from several of my portfolios hang in the reception area of Volvo Trucks in Dublin, VA.

They're part of a local art community involvement project connected with their new interior design effort by Renee Walsh of Radford University.

Look for the prints if you have a chance to visit Volvo Trucks.


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